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Things I Learned During my First Trimester of Pregnancy


Our first sonogram picture at 7 weeks!

I always knew pregnancy was going to be rough for me. But there’s even more that I didn’t expect:

Morning sickness is actually morning, noon and night 24/7 sickness. I felt nauseous non-stop for the entire first trimester. All day long. Sometimes I would throw up and feel better. Sometimes I would throw up seven times in a row and feel worse. That was fun. I’d do everything to try to keep nausea at bay, like taking my prenatal vitamin at night right before bed with food, snacking all night each time I woke up to keep food in my system, etc. Nothing worked! In fact, I’m into my second trimester and I still battle some nausea. There was one day that I felt like a human again. That was nice. I’m hoping for better days ahead now that I’m 18 weeks.

The shower will make you throw up. Turns out the heat/ steam from the shower will make you throw up. Every morning is a constant battle just to wash my hair. Don’t get me started on bending over to put a towel on my head. I just can’t do it without throwing up!

Your sinus problems will get worse and nothing will help you breathe. This is a big contributor to my nausea I believe. I am dreading allergy season.

Walking from the bed to the bathroom will leave you out of breath. It’s equivalent to running a marathon in my book. I can’t even go to the mall and walk to stores. And forget about walking the dog. I only just recently have been able to slowly start walking outside again. First, I lasted 15 minutes. Now, I’m up to about a half hour on a good day.

Getting dressed in the morning will take up all your energy. I literally need to stop and sit down in between everything I do.

5weeksWeekly pregnancy photo shoot, complete with bandage.

You will cry like a baby when you get hurt. When I was five weeks pregnant, I sliced my finger on a cheese cutting tool while washing dishes. I never needed stitches before in my life and of course this traumatic experience had to happen when I was pregnant. The emergency doctors had to glue my finger together and I couldn’t take pain medicine. Frank first laughed while I cried, saying it was my hormones and I was overreacting, but then stepped up and took control. This was a big deal. I was terrified of anything hurting the baby.

Eating out is a challenge. I love fish. But I have to limit how much I eat. It’s depressing going out for family dinners and there are seafood appetizers galore.

You will be thirsty non-stop. And therefore have to pee like, twice an hour. And don’t laugh or cough while you have to pee unless you want to change your underwear.

Don’t fly. We booked a trip to Jamaica before I knew I was pregnant. I was terrified to travel at six weeks pregnant. I did it. And I was miserable.I could barely function for our 7 a.m. flight. Going through customs was awful. I spent the first day laying in bed. The only thing I enjoyed was the buffet meals and fresh coconut juice. And of course I learned not to go to a tropical island when you can’t eat fish!

Jessica Simpson makes the best brand of maternity jeans. I usually only wear Jessica’s regular jeans so it’s only natural that I would gravitate towards her maternity wear. It’s chic and comfortable. Anything else pretty much makes me want to cry. Once, I tried on some other brand maternity jeans at Target and was mortified at what I saw in the mirror. Probably one of the most traumatic experiences of my pregnancy so far. Jessica’s jeans saved me!

Your cravings will change all the time. First, I would only eat Cracker Barrel aged cheddar cheese. Now, I can’t stand it. I’ve moved onto my old favorite sharp provolone.

You’ll hate foods you used to love. See my previous blog on kale and quinoa.

You’ll randomly throw up dinner. Yep, just while sitting on the couch watching TV. Projectile vomit gives no warning. Beware of coughing. It will make you throw up.

Your back will hurt so bad you will cry yourself to sleep. And I don’t like maternity pillows. Instead, I make a fort of about six pillows.

Yoga will make you throw up. Sad but true. I used to practice yoga daily. But it left me nauseous and dizzy. It helped my back pain tremendously the few times I did it, but then I had to lay down because I was so sick. I’m working up the courage to break out my new prenatal yoga DVDs.

Pregnancy has certainly been an adventure so far! I’m hoping that the second trimester brings some much needed relief. I am slowly starting to feel like my old self again. I’ve missed that girl!

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