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Baby L<3VE & Appreciation!

When I was pregnant, my fiancé (Glenn) and I were talking about how our lives were going to change once the baby arrives, and somehow we got on the topic of who we will grow to love more: each other or the baby.

I can remember Glenn asking me, “If our house was on fire and you could only save one person, me or the baby, who would it be?”

As I am writing this, I can’t help but laugh at the ignorance of my response. Are you ready for this? DO NOT JUDGE ME – I said: “I would obviously save you, I’ve known you longer!” He, like any other NORMAL person, of course said he was going to save the baby!

Glenn and I joke about this conversation all of the time, and I tell him now, “I would have no problem letting you burn, as long as Briella was safe!” LOL, I know … sad, but SO true!

There is no way to explain the love you feel for your baby, it is completely selfless and indescribable. I am ALWAYS concerned with what I can do to make Briella’s life better, and it is so terrifying that some parts of life will always be out of my control.

Right now, I am visiting my family in NY and it has been a little complicated trying to figure out how to get my work done during the day and keep the baby entertained at the same time. Despite the difficulties, I am still the luckiest mom ever. I just had to express some BABY LOVE & APPRECIATION, because as I am trying to work I have the cutest little face staring back at me (even though she is supposed to be napping) – how can you not LOVE her!!!


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hi. my name is megan, i'm 25 years old, engaged, a new mom, avid HGTV watcher, in the market for a new home myself and completely in love with life.

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