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Before I even had Briella, I decided I did not want to get in the habit of giving our baby a pacifier. I have plenty of friends that had told me how difficult it was trying to take away a pacifier after their child had become attached to one —- and of course, I think every person at my baby shower gave me at least one!

Well, a few days after Briella was born I figured I would experiment and see if she even liked it, and luckily – she wanted nothing to do with it!

About eight months later, B was reaching into her toy box (which is ALWAYS filled to the top with her favorite toys) and discovered a pacifier. She picked it up and popped it into her mouth like she had been using it her whole life! I was shocked, but didn’t really think too much of it. A few minutes later, it was time for Briella’s lunch, so naturally I go to take the paci out of her mouth and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

I think it’s important to point out that she is going through a little bit of a spoiled stage, and if I try to take anything away from her, she will scream so loud the walls in our house shake, and so, I kind of assumed this was what was going on – but, here I am, two months later, and this dreaded pacifier has become Briella’s new best friend.

I have tried numerous times to distract her from the paci, but she will scream until she has it back in her mouth! It’s funny, I gave in to one of the only things I KNEW I didn’t want to deal with, lol.

Now I am in some serious need of PACI HELP!!


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hi. my name is megan, i'm 25 years old, engaged, a new mom, avid HGTV watcher, in the market for a new home myself and completely in love with life.


  1. Jenn says

    Cut a hole in the tip of it. Then gradually increase the size of the hole. When it no longer works the way she wants it to she will not want it anymore.

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