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Do YOU Know Sophie?

Briella may only be 10 months, but she already has a few best friends: Sophie, Da-Da, Kaipo (our French bulldog)…. then comes the neighbor, her fourth cousin twice removed, the cashier at Wal-Mart, random strangers, and so on…I fall somewhere at the bottom of that list. (Note: I have been trying to move up in rank, but for some reason my baby only wants to associate with me when she’s tired, hungry, needs to be changed, etc. – you get the picture)!

Anyways, are you wondering who Sophie is?! If you think she may be another sweet little girl Briella has playdates with, you are so WRONG!

Here is Sophie:


Since Briella was about two months old, Sophie has been her go-to buddy. I have no idea what it is about this $30 rubber giraffe that captivates my baby, but we cannot leave the house without her unless we want to witness a full-blown tantrum.

Sophie made her first appearance at my baby shower when I received her as a gift – little did I know she was going to be the most important thing in my baby’s life, AND little did Sophie know she was about to be put to work as a full-time teething toy!

But, the thing is…we have a teeny tiny problem with Sophie, and I am not exactly sure how to break the news to Briella. You see, I have seen Sophie in the hands and mouths of SO MANY OTHER BABIES! I am honestly terrified we are going to be out one day, maybe strolling around Babies R’ Us, among hundreds of other babies, and Briella is going to see firsthand that Sophie has no idea how to be in a committed relationship. Here’s the truth: Sophie is cheating on Briella with THOUSANDS OF BABIES AROUND THE WORLD!

I didn’t think I was going to have to address the issue of heartbreak for at least 15-16 years, but thanks to Sophie, here I am…

But…I have a secret, too. I think I made this problem worse. I know how much Briella LOVES her Sophie and actually bought her as a gift for one of my best friends who is expecting in July. If Briella ever finds out, she will drop me from her list of friends before I even get the chance to hit her top five!

I have come to the conclusion that, as a parent, I must do one of three things:

  • Keep Briella inside for the rest of her life to avoid her from seeing Sophie with other babies
  • Tell my 10 month old that Sophie is not a giraffe, she is actually a dirty, cheating PIG
  • Laugh at the ridiculousness of my actual concern that Briella will someday be upset if she sees Sophie with another baby

Yes, seriously, these are the things I think about now. Becoming a mom has made me SUCH a weirdo! =)

The point is, we LOVE Sophie – and if your baby doesn’t have a Sophie, you MUST get them one…but don’t tell my baby!!!!


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  1. haha. I always want to buy a Sophie but then put her back because she is so expensive for a teething toy. But then we went to our friend’s house and it’s the first thing G picked up to play with! So now I need to buy her one. Plus, she’s kinda teething so she will need it soon!

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