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One of the Lucky Ones…

So, every time I tell someone that I am pregnant (with baby #2!), especially women, I am of course congratulated and then met with a facial expression of concern, followed by the obligatory question, “How are you feeling?” to which I get to happily reply, “Great! A little tired… well, very tired sometimes, but overall great!” The beauty of it? It’s true.

In my first pregnancy, aside from the awesome little bump that I developed  around 10 weeks, (yep, that’s early…something which I can only attribute to the fact that, although I’ve always been slim, I don’t have much muscle tone) I would never have known that I was pregnant at all. Some days I didn’t believe it. I had heard all of the horror stories of morning sickness/persistent nausea, gas, bloating, constipation… nada. I had a few headaches in the first trimester and some heartburn at the end, when my bump was GIGANTIC, but overall, it was a picture-perfect, symptom-free pregnancy. I did have some funny cravings. The first trimester was anything salty and full of protein (I’m talking olives, pickles and steak, people, geez), the second trimester I was obsessed with any breakfast cereal, and the third trimester? I didn’t go anywhere without a cup of ice. (Oh, by the way, it was a boy).

12 weeks & 40 weeks - absolutely got HUGE!

12 weeks & 40 weeks – absolutely got HUGE!

Here we are with number two, which the gender prediction tests can’t seem to agree upon (Chinese Birth Chart says boy, rosary beads and needle say girl), and it’s the same song and dance, except I have had three pimples. I’m tired, sure, but I am also a full-time SAHM to my [teething] 15-month old son, a five-month old puppy, and keep plenty busy playing ceremony and cocktail hour tunes for weddings, as well as running my own Music Together business (two classes per week), and teaching two other classes for another Music Together location. I think that would make anyone tired.

I suppose we can say I am “one of the lucky ones,” but it would sure be cool to have some difference between the pregnancies so that I would perhaps have an inkling as to what we’ll be having. My husband is convinced it’s a girl, I guess we’ll see! May can’t come soon enough…


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