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Talking Toddlers “Off the Ledge…”

So, toddler tantrums, huh? This is a new, and admittedly challenging, experience for my husband and me. Lucky for my husband, he’s away with adult creatures most of the day, so he misses out on most of the lunacy that has recently unfolded in our house.

When my son was born, he cried a fair amount. In his defense, he had a host of tummy troubles that took us about five months to resolve, so it wasn’t without good reason. Once we debunked the mystery of the tummy, it was like a switch had been flipped, and a halo illuminated above his cute little noggin. He no longer cried at random, rather, only when he truly needed something or was expressing upset. We could entertain house guests, go to any event for any length of time, and as long as he had his “boobie,” (<– he’s a nursing machine)  his “uppy,” (<–a phrase commonly used to describe a carrier in which mamas/daddies can wear their babes), and a toy or two, he was good to go! He was a total peach, and then…

Are you serious? Do you really want to do this, mama? You want to have this battle?!

Are you serious? Do you really want to do this, mama? You want to have this battle?!

He turned one. Slowly, he started experimenting with the upper-most, glass-shattering octaves of his little voice, and how those shrieks could be used to convey his point. He was easily swayed before, easily distracted, we could simply bounce up and down and hum a monotone, that would do the trick. Now? Until I figure out exactly what it is that this little negotiator is demanding, my sanity is held captive. It’s a recipe for disaster that I break down as follows: one part budding independence + one part inability to fully communicate/understand all incoming communication + two parts “adorable and he knows it.”

Don’t get me wrong, he still turns on the charm in pleasant company. He will play the whole day long when we have friends over or when we are at a family party. However, leave him stuck in his car seat for longer than he deems acceptable, pick the wrong food at the wrong time, say no to a bath because it’s late and time for sleep? OH. MY. STARS. It’s like the world is falling around him (and seriously, me!) and I frantically have to save the day. It’s amazing how creative you get when you just want to make the madness stop… perhaps so that the strangers looking on will go on about their day, or you can get back to that blog you wanted to write or that meal you wanted to eat. Or what about that shower? Remember those?

I’m sure you can commiserate, fellow toddler mamas, and if you aren’t there yet, well… have you sure got  something to look forward to! Maybe once he can say more than 20 words it will be better. Right? Right?! End rant.

“Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… “


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  1. Organizing Chic[k] says

    Hahaha! This is a great post! I am also at the toddler-shrieking/can’t-understand-most-of-her-words/adorable-and-she-knows-it stage! What a trip! Lol Thanks for sharing, I’m glad I’m not the only one freaking out a bit! 🙂


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