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Everybody poops, right? Right, and that’s usually all there is to say about that. It happens and we don’t think much of it. That is, until you have a baby…

Then, it’s a whole different ball game. Poop is suddenly very important. How many times a day does your tiny little person do it? What color is it? What’s the consistency? It’s even fodder for conversation amid your mommy group. If Timmy’s poop isn’t like Sarah’s, what’s wrong with Sarah? Or what’s wrong with little Timmy?! Oh wait, does Timmy drink formula or breast milk? If he drinks formula it may be different from Sarah’s and that’s ok, because her breast milk poop is different from formula-fed poop.

The entire newborn stage is all about the poo, and how to keep it contained in the diapering apparatus, instead of running up baby backs and cascading down baby legs.  Have you ever been changing a newborn’s diaper at the exact moment that they happen to sneeze? That’s fun. Now it’s a question of how to get the poop off of whatever surface has been unfortunately redecorated.

Let’s start solid foods, even more poop analysis. Forget it if the baby has a hard time going, then it becomes a game of making sure that the right fruit/veggie/fiber/probiotic cocktail is consumed to make go-time easier. You get that all figured out, and then you get to potty train. No! Don’t poop in your diaper! That’s bad! Poop in this crazy thing, instead!

I don’t really have a point here. Just swimming in a sea of doo-doo and oh yeah, added a puppy (so now I get to deal with baby dog poop, and on my nice, clean floors, no less!) and adding another newborn to the mix. Poo will be on my radar for the foreseeable future.



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