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What’s Mine is Mine, and What’s Yours is M-I-N-E, too!

Ok, I am just going to say it…my baby doesn’t like to share.

Here’s the problem: Not only does she not like to share her own toys, but she doesn’t like to share things that don’t even belong to her, for example, MY phone, MY keys, MY wallet, etc.

Now, you may be thinking – it’s just a phase, teach her to share, explain to her that she isn’t always going to get what she wants, etc. And, of course, I have thought of all of these things and will continue to teach her, but, let me just quickly paint a mental picture for you all of a scenario that happens daily:

Briella will crawl over to the couch (or wherever something is), pull herself up into a standing position and quickly grab my phone, then will turn around and crawl away faster than the speed of light. So, naturally, while Briella sprints away from me thinking she just scored a new smart phone, she decides – what the heck, let me just shove this phone in my mouth, drool all over it, spit up on it if I’m having a good day, etc. Once the phone goes it her mouth that is my cue: OPERATION GET MY PHONE BACK GOES INTO FULL EFFECT. So, I will snag the phone from Briella and tell her, “B, that is mommy’s phone, here is your cell phone, play with this!” Well, Briella may only be a tiny 19 pounds, but when she realizes that she can’t have something, she will scream like an army full of men entering battle. She goes NUTS. I am seriously concerned with what people think goes on in my house, lol!

Another quick example: This morning, Kaipo (our dog) grabbed one of Briella’s little stuffed animals and started running around with it. Well, Briella didn’t like that, so she started screaming, pulling the dog’s ears and kicking the floor. Here’s the catch – during her fit, Briella was holding on to one of Kaipo’s dog toys the ENTIRE time. Makes no sense! My dog is by no means an angel, but let’s be honest – he didn’t have anything else to play with because Briella was hoarding all of his toys!

I just want to be clear – 99 percent of the time, my baby is the sweetest, funniest, most loving little girl. But that other 1 percent of the time…GEEZ. Let’s just say she didn’t earn the nickname “little miss nasty” for nothing.

On the flip side of the things, I just need to brag a little – the past couple of weeks Briella has had the most awful time trying to stay asleep at night because her two top teeth are coming down. Generally, I can get her to fall asleep and a few hours later she will wake up screaming until I pick her up. REGRETFULLY – I got into a bad habit of bringing her into our bed at night when this happens and just having her sleep on me, 1) because I want to get some sleep instead of listening to my poor baby cry, and 2) because I let her cry a few times and she ended up head-banging her crib and cutting her mouth open, which was the most horrific experience of my life. So, anyways, now at night when she comes in our bed she will lay on me, and occasionally I will ask my fiancé to have Briella lay on his chest so I can sleep better, and Briella does NOT like that at all. Can you believe that? 10 months of Briella being obsessed with ONLY her da-da, and FINALLY – now, she doesn’t want to share ME, even if it’s only with a pillow, lol!

Right now, Briella is in her swing napping with her new Doc McStuffins microphone AND my car keys, LOL. I bet if I went over there and grabbed my keys, she would wake up and all hell would break loose…and, I am SO not willing to find out.

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hi. my name is megan, i'm 25 years old, engaged, a new mom, avid HGTV watcher, in the market for a new home myself and completely in love with life.

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