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Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

For months, Glenn and I have been trying to figure out a time to have our daughter baptized, and every time we tried to pick a date, or a church, etc. something came up and changed our plans. Well, I am proud to say – last weekend it finally happened – my child has officially been christened, woohoo!

Didn’t she look gorgggg?!


Of course, I took hundreds of pictures of my little baby model in her fabulous dress, with her new jewelry and good-looking Godparents.

Then, I shared my photos with the world on Facebook, because WHO DOESN’T LIKE TO SHOW OFF THEIR AMAZING KIDS?!

Later that weekend I got a text from my sister, Briella’s Godmother, sharing a text message she had received from a friend of a friend. The text said something along the lines of, “I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and came across pictures of you and your adorable little niece and just wanted to share something with you. I am in school to be a nurse practitioner and noticed that in some of the pictures your niece’s left eye is white from the flash when it should always be red. This could potentially mean nothing, but it could also be the sign of a rare type of cancer and your sister really needs to take her daughter to the pediatrician and get this checked out ASAP.”

These are the pictures she was referring to:

984306_10152744286846516_3586523760675795817_n 10423818_10152668711086516_3895038686332670607_n

I received this text message while I was out to dinner with my entire family, and of course, I started panicking and tearing up, my fiancé was furious that something could potentially be wrong with our perfect baby and neither of us knew what to do. It is safe to say, we do not react well to crisis!

I immediately started scrolling through every single picture I have ever taken of Briella in the past 10.5 months (4,000+) and only noticed the “white eye” in one or two pictures. Still – I was terrified for my daughter.

Keep in mind, this was on a Sunday night, so I had to wait to call my pediatrician until first thing Monday morning (THIS WAS THE LONGEST WAITING PERIOD OF MY LIFE). I start thinking the worst — what if Briella is diagnosed with this rare disease? will she ever get to go to kindergarten? or high school? will she ever get to walk down the aisle? etc.

Luckily, when Monday morning rolled around my amazing doctor got us right into the office, and needless to say, my baby is completely fine & healthy.


Rewind a few weeks back, I thought Briella bumping her head on her crib was the end of the world, then someone tells me I need to screen my baby for eye cancer – HORRIFYING. It was literally the worst few days I have had as a parent to date.



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