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Pediatrician Drama!

I am one of those crazy, research everything moms. Before I had Briella I spent weeks researching pediatricians and googling patient reviews to make sure I found the best doctor in the area for my baby.

I LOVED our doctor, she was amazing, personable, informative, etc. But,  when we moved I had to start all over again, and it has not been easy.

The area that I am looking for a pediatrician in doesn’t seem to have ANY pediatricians with good reviews! How is that possible? I finally found a family doctor (not specifically a pediatrician, but a general practitioner), who had awesome reviews, so I figured I’d give him a chance because I was running out of time. Briella just turned one the other day and she needed her shots, so I made an appointment.

WELL – my appointment was at 11:30am, we didn’t even get seen by the doctor until 1:30pm. That alone was enough to irritate me, but I figured, “Maybe this doctor is just so amazing that he is overwhelmed by the number of patients he is seeing.”

After we FINALLY made it in the room to see the doctor, he told me that my little one year old needed blood work taken from her arm to check her iron levels, on top of four different shots. After waiting for so long to be seen, Briella was exhausted, irritated and squirming all around. There was NO WAY she was sitting still long enough to get blood work taken from her arm without getting poked 50 times. So, I refused.

I also asked to space out her shots because I felt like four shots at one time seemed like a little much.

WITH THAT BEING SAID – I go home and relay this information to people in the medical field and find out that if the doctor was only checking her iron levels, it could have been done with a simple finger prick, not blood work. Also, the doctor tried giving her a shot that should not be given until at least 15 months, and also gave her a shot that is normally given later on.

Before I left the office, I knew I didn’t want to bring Briella back to this doctor, but after hearing other people confirm issues, I was so upset.


Oh, and on a side note — I will be attending a press event at the MUAH Makeup & Lash Bar in Westwood, NJ on June 13th, 2015 and will be reporting back to you ladies on the amazing service and packages available for mamas, I’ll keep you all posted!!


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