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55 Baby Registry Essentials


Thank goodness for baby showers!  These tiny little bundles require a million things– some you’ve thought of and some you haven’t– just to get them started in life outside the womb. It’s better to be prepared than to rush out of your house at midnight to buy gas drops because your baby has been crying inconsolably for hours and you didn’t even know that such a product existed until you posted a Facebook status seeking help from fellow moms.

Here’s a baby registry checklist I made for my sister-in-law.

1. Get lots of PJs and onsies. Don’t go crazy with outfits because in the first few months they’ll just be sleeping. Register for all different sizes of clothes because they quickly outgrow them.
I love the gowns because it is easy to change diapers when they are newborn.
I also favor the PJs that have fold-over mittens attached to keep their hands warm. Target Carter’s kind are my fave. Zippers are easier than buttons. Try to avoid buttons. Even onesies with buttons. Once they reach six months or so, you’re going to have to wrestle the baby down to change his diaper so you’ll want to keep it as easy as possible.
2. Gas drops. They get gas. This helps.
3. Trivsol baby vitamins. Check with your pediatrician first, but breastfed babies especially will need vitamins.
4. Formula | Gerber Soothe. This is hospital grade formula and easiest on their stomach.  Other kinds made my baby cranky all the time.  We buy at Walmart for cheapest and largest size. One canister lasts about a week.
5. Mittens. These are so they don’t scratch themselves or get cold hands at night.  The Gerber ones fall off when they get stretched, so try not to get that brand.
6. A little hat. The hospital might give you one but it’s better to be prepared. 
7. Bottles. I used the Medela ones that came with the breast pump, but the nipples weren’t that great. I ended up buying 99 cent bottles at Walmart and love them. You need about six bottles to get started. I don’t like Dr. Brown bottles. They leak. Unless I was doing something wrong!
9. Bottle sanitizer. You need to do this for the first few months.
10. Bottle warmer | Dr. Browns. You can’t microwave bottles with formula.
11. Infant Tylenol to have on hand, but don’t use this unless instructed by your doctor. The baby might need it after he gets shots.
13. Thermometer. We didn’t get accurate readings on a regular thermometer, so we went to Walgreens and got the kind the pediatrician uses. It’s quick and easy.
14. Infant bath. Keep it simple.
16.  Baby bath towel and wash cloth. Get one with a hood. You really only need one or two.
17. HALO sleep sack. They can’t use blankets so this keeps them warm at night. Lots of cute choices.  Get one in at least the infant and S/M size.
18. Swaddle blanket for newborns. Get the velcro kind otherwise he will break out of it. Summer Infant at Target is a good one.
19. Co-sleeper. Get this instead of a bassinet. We use Arm’s Reach co-sleeper, which goes right alongside our bed.
Other cool options:  HALO. This one vibrates.
20. Pacifiers. Get a lot! You’re going to lose them.
21. Pacifier clipOtherwise it will drop and need to be washed every five seconds. Don’t get the metal kind.
22. Diapers. I prefer Pamper’s Swaddlers. Costco kind leaks. We didn’t like Huggies. Register for a lot in different sizes.
23. Sensitive baby wipesIf you get refill packs make sure you save your old container.
24. Vasoline. Use as an ointment to prevent diaper rash.
25. Baby wash. We use Johnson’s.
26. Baby lotion. Keeps skin smooth and smelling yummy.
27. Butt paste. This is for diaper rash, but Genevieve actually got a reaction to it, so we don’t use it. Go with the Vasoline because it’s gentle.
28. Crib. Matress and sheet only. You can’t put a bumper, blankets, or pillows in the crib. Suffocation hazzard.
29. Infant car seat.  You need an infant seat and then another for after baby is one year old.

30. Stroller. Joggers are the lightest and easiest to handle. We liked CitiMini but all the accessories like trays etc. are add ons and it was coming to $600, which is crazy. We got a stroller and infant car seat set from Britax and it’s great. Easy to handle. I can fold it with the baby in my other arm.  I found Gracco carriages to be pretty heavy, but try them for yourself. They come in cute colors.  I suggest the Britax B-Agile travel system for infant car seat and stroller.

31. Insert for infant head in car seat. I like the JJ Cole brand.
32. Car seat cover. Babies can’t wear jackets in car seats, so you’ll need to keep them warm in colder months.
33. Get an extra car seat base so you can put the car seat in both cars. The car seat only comes with one base.
34. Toddler car seat. Put this on your registry because they are expensive.
35. Tummy time mat. Babies need this to do tummy time. Get one that has hanging mobiles to keep him entertained.  We have this one, My Little Snuggabunny.
36. Rocker.  This is good to put the baby in when you have to cook or go to the bathroom. He can’t sleep in it but you can put the baby in this when you can’t hold him.
37. Play penThis is good for when the baby is older and you need to run to the bathroom, wash dishes, etc. Also good as a travel bed or for outside play.
38. Changing tableWe got one for cheap at Ikea but you can register for one. This is only good to use when the baby is little. Once he starts sitting up and rolling over, it’s safer to change him on the floor or bed.
40. Changing pad cover.  
41. SwingWe don’t really use this a lot but Genevieve does like it.  We got a small travel size one instead of a big expensive one.
42. Bumbo seat and tray (need the tray or they fall over). This is so they learn to sit up. Pick a color.
43. High chair
44. Monitor.  See what kind you like. Ours has video I think. We didn’t open it yet because Genevieve has yet to sleep in her crib!
45. Humidifier This is very useful for when the baby gets a cold.
46. Boppy pillow. Handy for holding or propping up infants. You don’t need all the extra covers. Marshalls, TJ Maxx etc often carry these at half price.
47. Brush to wash bottles.
48. Diaper pail. Don’t even try to use a regular garbage can.
49. Bags for diaper pail.
50. A diaper bag for you! I like 2 Red Hens brand.
52. Disposable diaper bags. Like poop bags for dogs. These come in handy if you have to change a dirty diaper in your car, etc.
53. A camera!  If you don’t have a camera, register for one. You will want to capture all your new baby’s moments.
54. A video camera. Ditto.
55. A mobile for the crib. This will entertain the baby when you try to get him to sleep. Not essential but fun.
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