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Getting Back into Pre-Baby Pants


(I will never be as thin as the model in this photo and that’s OK because I love curves)

Big news, everyone! Today I am wearing a pair of pre-baby pants! Whoo! Yes, they are stretchy pants, but whatever. They zipper and I can wear them comfortably to work. Thanks, Jessica Simpson for designing them.

I am thisclose to being able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. I can finally zipper them. I just don’t think I can sit down in them yet. But I’m almost there!

My goal was to get back to my pre-baby body by my daughter’s first birthday in September. She’s almost 11 months old and I have a few more pounds to go, but I think I’ll hit my goal.

I happily gained over 50 pounds during my pregnancy. I didn’t stress over what I ate, but rather consumed what my body needed to get through every nauseating day.

Likewise, I didn’t stress over loosing the weight either. I don’t go to the gym and I’ve barely even gone on walks or practiced daily yoga like I used to before the baby.  As a working mom with chronic fatigue, I just don’t have the energy or the time. When I’m home, I want to bond with my baby, not chase a number on the scale. I still eat what I want, and I’ve definitely indulged when cupcakes were around. I’m just being sensible. Ok, and I have reduced my intake of cheese a little! That was my go-to pregnancy craving that I couldn’t seem to kick after birth! And now that winter, allergy season and summer heat have subsided, I can take my little girl and the dogs on walks. It feels good to be active and even better to get the whole family out.

I don’t think women are meant to be super skinny unless that is your genetic body type. We’re all beautiful as we are meant to be. I happen to be bottom curvy but pregnancy of course added some extra inches to my hips.

At seven months post-partum, I stopped wearing maternity shirts. I learned how to dress in a way that I felt confident and still allowed me to incorporate my signature style. Yet, I still didn’t feel 100 percent myself.

It’s been a process but I’m finally at a place where I’m happy with the reflection in the mirror. And if I keep it up, I get to look forward to buying new clothes!

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