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4 Reasons Parents Need a Real Camera, Not a Cell Phone, to Take Photos


My brother and his wife are preparing for their first baby and everyday I send them annoying texts about scheduling a newborn photo shoot within the first five days of the baby’s birth and also buying a real camera to take to the hospital.

They both think that using their cell phones as cameras is good enough. But it’s not!

Here’s why parents need real cameras:

  1. Real cameras provide high-res images that are suitable for printing. You need high-res images to print larger photos, like 8x10s. Love the idea of a photo canvas? You can’t make one without a high quality photo! Hoping to make a photo book? Ditto.
  2. Cell phones break. This happens all the time. You can drop your phone in the toilet and there goes the first five months of your baby’s life. Everything is lost.
  3. Cloud backups aren’t good enough. This is your child we’re talking about. Are you going to trust a third-party service from another company like Dropbox as the only storage of photos for your baby? I save all my digital photos on two external hard drives because I am paranoid about losing photos.
  4. Real pictures can passed along to generations. Your kid, and your grandkids can look at paper photos in their hands. You can all sit down together during the holidays and share memories. This won’t happen with a cell phone photo.

Digital camera’s don’t have to be expense and most are very easy to use. I suggest Canon and Nikon. If you order an SLR digital camera (these are a bit more fancy) from Costco or Walmart, you can even score great package deals with extra lenses, tripods and more. But remember, photography doesn’t have to be complicated!  You can get a small pocket-sized camera and you’re good to go!

Here are cameras the experts suggest:

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