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Parenting DIY Activity: Weekly Photo Shoots for Year One Baby Book

I’m obsessed with pictures.

Since my daughter was born, I’ve been forcing her to pose for weekly mini photo shoots. I’m compiling them all into a Year One book that I’ll be printing on Shutterfly (Blurb is great too but Shutterfly has adorable baby themes). I purchased baby countdown blocks on Etsy for consistency, however I am really annoyed that on double odd number weeks, like 33, the blocks don’t work because the blocks don’t each have every number on them. So beware. But I digress!

Every month, I upload my top photos of Geneveive and start laying out the pages so that I’m not overwhelmed once she turns one-year-old. Each week, I try to capture her doing something that shows her growth, like eating solids, clapping her hands, sitting up and standing. It’s so emotional looking back on all of these things and seeing how much she has changed each week.

I encourage other creative moms to do something like a weekly photo shoot book. It’s an awesome keepsake and also makes a great gift for grandparents.

My daughter is turning 11 months old this week and our book is almost complete. I can’t wait to print it!

Budget savvy mom tip: Design your photo book but wait until the site has a sale before purchasing. You can get your book at 20 percent or even 40 percent off if you wait for deals!





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