I knew pregnancy and motherhood were going to be challenging, but I didn’t expect that I would never have time to paint my nails! I mean, I can lock myself in a room for a few minutes to do it, but I feel guilty not spending every free minute with my daughter.

I’m a working mom, so I always feel like I need to be with my baby girl all the time when I’m home. I fear she’s going to grow up thinking that my mom/ her grandma and caretaker is her mommy. Luckily, I get to work from home three days a week because I have Epstein Barr Virus/chronic fatigue syndrome/ Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease. All those names just mean I am super tired all the time and that pregnancy and life with an infant is super easy. Or not!

But I wouldn’t trade the 20 hours of induced labor and eventual C-section that I endured for anything. It was always my dream to have a daughter and now I have Genevieve Sara.

Although she is my first-born child, I’ve been a mommy for years to my fur-children. I’ve always had dogs growing up and now Genevieve has two rescue-dog siblings, Lucky the Korean Jindo (he’s her bff guardian) and Lulu the plot hound (she’s a bit jealous but warming up!)

My husband, Frank , and I reside with our kiddies in a renovated log cabin in NJ. We’re foodies, but I can’ t cook.

I work in PR, freelance for Huffington Post and other cool websites  and also wrote a book ( I’ve always wanted to be a mommy blogger so I started this site.

What else do you need to know?

I believe in the rosary bead gender prediction test, tried breast feeding but quickly discovered that it’s not for me (props to those who stick with it), have no intentions of trying for a natural birth next time around (scheduled C-section, please!) and sleep in bed with my baby because she hates the crib.

Oh and #tattooedmom.

Life in pictures, because I always have a camera in my hand:


Hubby and I pre-baby with Lucky and Lulu.


Baby G’s one month photo shoot.


My girl is growing up so quickly!




Lulu’s adoption anniversary



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