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Halloween Treat: Nutramigen

Moms of babies with formula allergies will appreciate this. We got a real treat last night when we met a family down the street from us. They have a girl a little younger than Genevieve and a boy a few months younger than Luca. We trick or treated together and found out their son has a milk allergy just like Luca. Luca is on Nutramigen, which costs hundreds of dollars a month and insurance doesn’t cover because it’s sold over the counter. (I can write a whole blog post about what we went through with that issue!) Their baby tried Nutramigen and it didn’t work, so he’s on something else even more expensive but their insurance covers. So they gave us six cans of Nutramigen! There are good people in the world. We’re paying it back and giving them clothes Luca outgrew. Score for us both. And we all get new friends. Happy Halloween, indeed!

My Rainbow Baby

October 15th is a day to acknowledge the loss of a pregnancy, but near this time, I choose to instead celebrate my rainbow baby, who brought sunshine after those dark days. Here’s my little Luca. He’s already 5 months old! My husband was obsessed with the name Luca for a boy. When I found out the name means “bringer of light,” I knew there wasn’t a better name!

Gerber First Foods

Luca started to eat baby food! We fed G Gerber food, but I was open to trying another brand for Luca if it was cost effective. I looked at Beechnut but that’s actually more expensive. So back to our good ol’ trusted Gerber! Luca loves the banana. Well, he loves all the fruit. The veggies will take time! Here’s what we are using so far, though we did graduate to full-size servings:

Introducing Luca Alexander

Luca Alexander May 4, 2017 (no Star Wars jokes, please) 7 pounds, 13 ounces 21 inches Luca was a scheduled C-section so this was a completely different experience than my first emergency section after 20 hours in labor with my daughter. I was still terrified but all went well. My doctor played The Beatles in the delivery room and told me tattoo jokes. And then, my baby boy came out and I cried. I’ll write more about the delivery in another post. But I had to get something up on my little man!

I have a one year old!

I cannot believe my baby girl is one-year-old. The past year has been so amazing. I remember watching her eyelashes grow, wondering when her hair would follow suit. All the late night crying and cuddles at 2 a.m. Her first smile, her first laugh. When she started to recognize her mommy and daddy. How every milestone– rolling over, sitting up, eating solid food, first tooth– was so special, yet the next one came and reminded us how quickly she’s becoming a little person with  a ton of sass. I loved the baby stage, but life is becoming so much fun now that she is learning words and on the move. I can’t wait for all the toddler adventures! I haven’t slept a full night in over a year, but this little face is worth the dark circles under my eyes. I

My Labor Day: Otherwise Known as the Scariest and Happiest Day of My Life

This year’s Labor Day just so happens to fall on September 7th, my daughter Genevieve’s first birthday. It seems like only yesterday that I was in the hospital experiencing the most terrifying and heartwarming day of my life. I didn’t have a birth plan. I thought about making one, but then decided it wasn’t worth it because you can’t predict what’s going to happen during labor and delivery. My husband and I took a prenatal education class to learn a little about what was going to happen to my body. Like most mommy’s-to-be, I also read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” every week to find out what was happening inside my belly. I skimmed the chapters about childbirth because I didn’t want to build up anxiety. I completely skipped past the material on C-sections. Of course, I ended up with a C-section and also needed pitocin during labor. My two delivery fears became my reality. Throughout my pregnancy, I worried about how my body was going to handle childbirth. I have chronic fatigue so …

My Baby Learned to Crawl and Now She Won’t Try to Walk

Genevieve used to love trying to walk around the house, with someone holding her hands. But ever since she learned to really crawl off her stomach, like a speed racer, she refuses to stand up! We got her toys that she can push around, but she isn’t too interested anymore. She’d much rather crawl and climb up stairs and furniture. A girl on the move, I tell ya!  As her one year birthday quickly approaches, I’m interested to see if she’ll get back on her feet! Also, how cute is her pink skirt in the photo above?!

Teething Survival Secrets

A few weeks ago, my husband and I endured our daughter’s worst teething episode thus fur. She had two upper teeth breaking through and an upper respiratory infection. The first night she started with symptoms, we didn’t get her to sleep until 5:00 a.m. and that only lasted for an hour and a half. It was brutal. She even started to run a low-grade fever. I took her to the pediatrician the next morning just to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong because we had never seen her in so much distress. But alas, she was diagnosed with a very bad cold and teething. That’s when I started to ask my mommy friends for teething remedies. We tried infant Tylenol, cold toys, frozen towels, you name it. One thing we didn’t try was infant Motrin! I didn’t even know there was a difference between Motrin and Tylenol but our doctor said that Motrin is better for teething pain because it’s an anti-inflammatory. Friends advised and our doctor confirmed that it was safe to alternate …

55 Baby Registry Essentials

Thank goodness for baby showers!  These tiny little bundles require a million things– some you’ve thought of and some you haven’t– just to get them started in life outside the womb. It’s better to be prepared than to rush out of your house at midnight to buy gas drops because your baby has been crying inconsolably for hours and you didn’t even know that such a product existed until you posted a Facebook status seeking help from fellow moms. Here’s a baby registry checklist I made for my sister-in-law. 1. Get lots of PJs and onsies. Don’t go crazy with outfits because in the first few months they’ll just be sleeping. Register for all different sizes of clothes because they quickly outgrow them. I love the gowns because it is easy to change diapers when they are newborn. I also favor the PJs that have fold-over mittens attached to keep their hands warm. Target Carter’s kind are my fave. Zippers are easier than buttons. Try to avoid buttons. Even onesies with buttons. Once they reach six months or so, …

5 Downsides to Co-sleeping with your Baby

There are many reasons mothers choose to bed share with their babies. Some do so because it makes middle of the night breastfeeding easier, others because their little one won’t sleep in his/her crib. Working mommies may choose to co-sleep because it’s the only quality cuddle time they get with their kid during the week. And let’s face it; a huge reason mothers co-sleep with their babies is because it lets everyone get more sleep. However, that’s not always the case. There are downsides to co-sleeping that you need to know about if you’re considering sharing your bed with your baby:  Fears are going to keep you up all night. Are you going to crush your baby? Is the baby going to squirm under the covers and suffocate? When your baby is old enough to crawl, is he/she going to wake up in the middle of the night while you’re sound asleep and fall off the bed? It’s a pain, literally. Spooning with your baby is sweet. But when you’re stuck on the same side …