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Little Baby Bum: A Cranky Baby’s Best Friend

Genevieve is obsessed with Little Baby Bum videos. Thankfully, we have Apple TV, so we can watch them on YouTube in our living room.  Whenever she is extra cranky, all we have to do is turn on the videos and she will become mesmerized, calm down and cuddle. These animated nursery rhymes are parenting lifesavers.  The songs get annoying the 300th time around, but nothing beats watching your baby laugh and dance to her favorite tunes. It’s like she’s at a concert!

Transitioning from Co-Sleeping to the Crib

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. As a working mommy, once my 9-5 is over, I disconnect from the virtual world and focus on my baby. Genevieve just turned ten months old. That means I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in ten months. Longer, actually, if you count all the restless nights of pregnancy. At this age, the doctors say we’re supposed to eliminate nighttime feedings because babies should be sleeping through the night. Ha! Ha! Ha! The doctors can come to my house if they’d like to sleep train my baby, but as a working mom, I choose cuddle time and sleep over the rules. I do what’s best for my family. That means co-sleeping in the same bed. I love that I get to have these precious nighttime moments since I miss so much of her daily activity. However, she’s been waking up a bit more often than usual. I attribute recent sleep disturbances to teething and the fact that she really seems to want to sleep on her …

Ears: Pierced!

I was so afraid to pierce Genevieve’s ears. I feared she would cry uncontrollably and be miserable for days, especially because she’s teething. But after my friend got her infant daughter’s ears pierced, I decided to go for it. Genevieve was all smiles and chatter at the pharmacy- until three people had to hold her down. As soon as her ears were pierced, she let out three sharp “what the heck just happened to me?!!” shrieks, then buried her face in her hands. By the time we got to the register to pay, she was over it and more focused on grabbing candy bars from the counter. Then, she had a bottle and went swimming for the first time. Fun: 1, Trauma: 0

How to Bathe an Infant in a Shower Stall

My husband and I were in a hurry to purchase and move into our first home before our wedding. (We ended up renovating a fixer-upper while simultaneously planing the details of our Big Day. I blogged about it here for The Nest). Every house in our target location and price range seemed to go up for sale and then off the market within a day. That’s how quickly homes were selling. We immediately put in offers on every home we liked. When the offer on our house was accepted, we were ecstatic. It had pretty much everything we needed: It wasn’t in a flood zone. There was a disconnected basement and an attic for storage (this was huge because most houses we were looking at didn’t have storage). The house had three bedrooms, so we could make one an office. The spacious yard provided plenty of room for our dogs. There’s one major checklist item we neglected to consider: the bathroom.  The house had one, so really that’s all that mattered, right? Wrong. When Frank’s uncle came to …

When Your Dog is Jealous of Your Baby

My dog hates my baby. OK, hate is a pretty strong word. But our plot hound, Lulu, definitely isn’t trilled with this tiny new person taking up all her mom and dad’s attention. During my pregnancy, I worried about how our dogs would react to a new baby. I expected our female dog, Lulu—who was basically used as a breeding machine before we rescued her—to be nurturing with our new addition. I figured our boy dog, Lucky—the resident hunter of small animals—wouldn’t look twice at her once he realized she wasn’t game. I also worried about hurting their feelings. I didn’t want the dogs to feel neglected or unloved just because we welcomed a new, amazing family member. But it happened.  Playtime: Lucky and Baby G. It turns out that Lucky is obsessed with Genevieve and has basically taken on the role of her guardian. He is always in the same room with her. In fact;  whenever he comes in from outside, the first thing he does is run from room to room until he …

Bye Bye Baby Online

See what I did there? You will after I explain. I had to buy a few baby items online: –A Sophie teether. Megan’s blog convinced me I need to suck it up and get this for Genevieve. –A foam play mat. We have hardwood floors and the area rug in our living room is still not soft enough for playtime. -A Monkey Mat portable floor. I actually didn’t even need this, but once I came across it, I decided I want it. This will be great for outdoor summer parties and when we go to the town pool and the beach. Because I want these items ASAP and don’t have the energy or time to trek to Buy Buy Baby, I decided to order online. I know that meant giving up the $5 off and $20 percent discount coupons that are only accepted in-store. (Dear husband: don’t yell at me if you read this). Convenience over cash! After placing my order and getting frustrated that I couldn’t find any free shipping codes online, I decided …

And the cutest baby butt award goes to….

How adorable are these baby and toddler leggings from Wrapables? They have designs for girls and boys. Each pair retails for $15.99 plus shipping. Shipping is always a bummer. But then again, so are $15 leggings that your baby is only going to fit into for a few weeks! I’d splurge if these were part of a special occasion or photo shoot outfit though.


When I left work yesterday, I was so excited to go home and play with my baby girl. But when I got there, all she wanted to do was eat dinner and cuddle on the couch until she fell asleep. I’m not one to complain about laying on the couch and cuddling, but I get sad when a day goes by and I don’t get to see her smile or laugh. I feel like I’m missing out. I’m sure my fellow working moms can relate!

Kitchen Chaos

Ever since we started feeding Genevieve chicken, our dogs have been circling her highchair like sharks. Her daddy is away on business, so I wanted to capture this moment for him last night. Baby G was in her highchair, with chicken and carrots in front of her. The dogs were next to her. Lulu, our plott hound (aka “pig hound,” because she eats everything!) actually jumped up on her highchair at one point, so that’s something we need to work on! Now that the scene is set, picture this: Sharks and baby. Mess in progress. I’m taking a picture with my cell phone. Genevieive decides to grab the carrots and fling the container backwards, leaving a mess all over her high chair and on the floor. As I run to get paper towels, Lulu jumps on the counter trying to eat the open chicken jar. When I got back to G, I hoped the dogs would lick up the carrots so I’d get a head start on cleaning the floor, but that didn’t happen. The lessons I …