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Baby Bella and Fontina Crostini

We had some leftover bread from our Arturos takeout and could not let this woodfired, made from scratch, artisanal goodness go to waste. My husband, who I call Chef Frank, made delicious Crostini with baby portabella mushrooms, Fontina cheese and sage. I’ll get the recipe, but here are some pics to melt tour mouth.

Edoughable Edible Cookie Dough

I couldn’t pass up an offer from Edoughable to try the brand’s edible cookie dough. We all know the best part of baking cookies is scraping the mix out of the bowl. But, it’s also probably to the most dangerous since raw cookie dough contains uncooked eggs. Say goodbye to your risk of salmonella poisoning and scoop up some egg-free, all-natural and non-GMO ingredient cookie dough from Edoughable! Edoughable is just as fun as ice cream, but won’t leave you frigid after you enjoy it this fall. Sprinkle on your favorite topping or enjoy one of the gourmet flavors. The brand’s founder, Rana, is a pastry chef so you know you’re eating a quality treat. There’s vegan and gluten free options as well, which is awesome. The package arrived at my house in an adorable box (check out my Instagram post) filled with two flavors and a bunch of toppings. I was so excited to try it- until I couldn’t. Cue sad face. My one complaint is that there is no ingredient list included on the packaging or …