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Back to Blogging

I spend a lot of my time as a 9-5 publicist pitching mommy bloggers lately. It’s given me the urge to get back to my own blog and spend a little time doing something for myself (which I never do) and indulge in something I love: writing! Granted, I will be doing most of it from my phone on my lunch break, but that’s OK! Here I am, two years after I started this site. My nails aren’t chipped because I don’t even paint them anymore! Hello, life with a toddler and an infant! Can’t wait to share more updates, tell you what products I love and maybe even bring you interviews with some pretty awesome people. Welcome to my world, again! Advertisements

Establishing Family Photo Traditions

I ordered this “welcome to our love story” sign from Etsy while planning my wedding. Our ceremony was originally supposed to be in an apple orchard, and it was the perfect way to greet guests. Of course the day of our wedding it rained and everything had to be moved inside! But the sign still did its job. After the wedding, we put the sign in front our our new house. A sneaky neighbor stole it and returned it months later. Weird, but we’re happy to have it back and safely decorating our yard. We’ve since taken family photos by the sign during momentous occasions, like when I was pregnant and when our daughter was born. I love that we have established this tradition and hope it inspires other families to do something similar!