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Babyshower Alternative: Mother’s Blessing / Blessingway Ceremony

I recently attended my first Blessingway ceremony, honoring my husband’s cousin Kate, who is my daughter’s Godmother.  When first reading about the ceremony, I thought it was going to be a really weird, hippie type of event. The truth is, this is not your average “baby shower.” It’s an intimate moment shared with a select inner circle. In this case, that included mostly breastfeeding moms and lactation consultants who are Kate’s colleagues. I was the only formula-feeding mommy in attendance, but we all had one thing in common: a love for our babies. Here’s what happens at a Mother’s Blessing: All attendees were instructed to bring the following items, as listed below. 1. Centerpiece offering. This is an item from your matrilineal line which each attendee will place on the center table (you take it back at the close of the party). It may be something that your own mother or grandmother gave to you at some point or when you became a mother yourself. Or, it can be something that the mommy-to-be would recognize, which signifies something special about your connection to her. 2.  A bead …

Back to blogging!

I had full intentions of blogging about my pregnancy. But then the symptoms started and I was nauseous and exhausted for the first five months. I felt a little better during my second trimester, but used that available energy to get the nursery ready. And by the time the third trimester came, I was scrambling to finish editing and publish my book. My water actually broke a few hours after I finished proofreading my manuscript.  Perfect timing, right? I gave birth to two dreams in 2014: my daughter and my book! Here I am with both. Now that I’ve settled into mommy life, I’m going to post my adventures moving forward and also backtrack some things I would liked to have documented along the way, like baby shower decor, etc. I also enlisted in some mommy friends to join me. You’re gonna love them!

It’s a girl!

I knew it the whole time. Just needed official confirmation! Our family psychic told my mom it was a girl, the rosary bead and needle gender prediction tests said girl, my dreams kept saying “It’s a girl!,” my friends had dreams about baby girls and all my cravings pointed to a girl! The only thing that was wrong was the ancient Chinese gender chart. Of course we would have loved a boy just as equally, but I was made to be the mom to a little girl! Frank said she has to play sports too. I said she can do yoga! Just kidding, I am sure she will be daddy’s girl just like our dog, Lulu! Lucky is a mama’s boy. Lulu loves her dad. To celebrate, we got pink cupcakes, balloons and flowers. I’ll have to edit this post and add the pictures! As for names, we’ve pretty much had one picked out for a while. But we’re keeping our options open!

Pregnancy Craving: Waffle Crisp

Restraint: Buying only two boxes of Waffle Crisp cereal. I don’t know if it’s as much a pregnancy craving as the fact that it’s simply the best cereal ever. I don’t even really like waffles. But this is just necessary. It’s a favorite from my college days and I thought it got discontinued. Turns out I was just shopping at the wrong grocery stores! What’s up with that, Shop Rite?!

Things I Learned During my First Trimester of Pregnancy

Our first sonogram picture at 7 weeks! I always knew pregnancy was going to be rough for me. But there’s even more that I didn’t expect: Morning sickness is actually morning, noon and night 24/7 sickness. I felt nauseous non-stop for the entire first trimester. All day long. Sometimes I would throw up and feel better. Sometimes I would throw up seven times in a row and feel worse. That was fun. I’d do everything to try to keep nausea at bay, like taking my prenatal vitamin at night right before bed with food, snacking all night each time I woke up to keep food in my system, etc. Nothing worked! In fact, I’m into my second trimester and I still battle some nausea. There was one day that I felt like a human again. That was nice. I’m hoping for better days ahead now that I’m 18 weeks. The shower will make you throw up. Turns out the heat/ steam from the shower will make you throw up. Every morning is a constant battle …

The Great Gender Reveal Debate

As soon as she found out I was pregnant, the first thing one of my cousins (a mother of three) said to me was, “Please don’t find out the sex. It’s the best surprise ever and gives you motivation to get through labor.” One of my clients at work, this time a father of four, told me the same thing. I believe them. But I’m not listening. But I must find out the gender of our baby before he or she is born! I actually did entertain the idea of waiting nine long months but Frank really wants to know. And I’ve done pretty much every gender prediction test out there. Frank calls it my “witchcraft.” I call it being an excited future mom. I’ve looked up my Chinese gender prediction, conducted the rosary bead test, had a friend do the needle test, asked my doctor to take an educated guess based on fetal heart rate and Googled every craving I have to see which sex it leans towards. And my friend is making me …