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Disney’s Vampirina Toy Scare

Just in time for Halloween, Disney released a line of Vampirina plush toys to support the new television show. I was so excited to find these characters in Wal-Mart for only $7.99! I picked up Vampirina and planned on going back to get another the following week. Normally, I would buy them all at once but I knew my husband would yell at me for my “unneccessary” shopping. I decided to get one per week to surprise my daughter. In theory, it was a good plan. But now the dolls are sold out and retailing online for $18 each! What?!!! Lesson learned. Listen to your inner shopaholic. Especially as holiday shopping season nears. Advertisements

Take Back Play: Melissa and Doug Toy Testing at Learning Express

This weekend, G was a preschool toy tester for Melissa and Doug toys at Learning Express. The brand’s mission is to take back play and get kids to shut off their electronics. There were a variety of toys from puzzles and blocks to an ice cream cart and kitchen/diner combo. G preferred the table-top learning types of toys. We left with a letter game that teachers her to spell words and she is doing great! We love the quality and educational content of Melissa and Doug toys. They make learning fun. I especially like the preschool play toys because G isn’t in a classroom environment yet. She can learn while home with her grandma during the day. Other highlights of the day included a Calico Critters playhouse and a scooter. We are just starting to get into Calico Critters and love them!

Amazon Humor

My husband told me to chill with the Amazon orders so now I drink iced tea on the porch while I wait for my deliveries. JK. But I do suggest you not sign up for Amazon Prime under your husband’s email because he will get notifications every time you place an order.

The secret to dressing comfy but classy at work

My office is a casual work environment but I still like to look professional. My secret? Adding a bold statement necklace to comfy clothes! They dress anything up! My shirt is a plaid cotton button down from my BFF, Target. I scored a deal on this Amrita Singh necklace from Rue La La at 4 a.m. one morning when I was on maternity leave with Luca. Valued at around $120 and I got it for like $18. Go me.

Zenni Optical: Affordable Eyeglasses for Fashionable Moms on a Budget

I used to be able to wear contacts all day long. Then, they started to give me headaches and my eyes itched like crazy when I took them out. Those problems led to me wearing glasses 24/7.  I feel more like myself in contacts and still wear them for brief hours during special occasions–like my wedding day–where I’ll be taking a lot of pictures. However, I decided that if I have to wear eyeglasses all the time, I’m going to have fun with it. I discovered Zenni Optical, a site that lets customers order fashionable prescription glasses and sunglasses for super cheap. I’m addicted. Prices start at around $6 for frames AND lenses and go up if you want reflective coating, etc. I even ordered a pair with tinted lenses that I use as sunglasses. I’ve been collecting my Zenni’s for about two years now and have different pairs for different moods:    My first pair: oversized blue. I wear these specks on bold, summery days. Frame cost: $15!  I get lots of complements. My hipster pair. These were my …

Make a Custom Mommy Necklace with Jenny Present

I began obsessing over mommy necklaces during my pregnancy. There are so many options and I needed to find the perfect one. I debated between initial necklaces, bar necklaces, birthstones, etc.  Then I came across Jenny Present, which allowed me to combine everything I wanted into one necklace. I chose the charms above: a sapphire for my daughter’s September birthday, her first initial, birthdate, and a copper heart for cuteness.  I wanted to write my daughter’s full name– Genevieve– but there weren’t many charm options that could accommodate a longer name. I love my necklace and wear it every day. It allows me to have a little reminder of my baby while I’m at the office. I plan on making more necklaces, too. One for my dogs, which will include a bone charm, and one to commemorate my wedding. This website is too fun. It’s an accessory lovers paradise. Collect charms like tattoos. Sign up for the email newsletter and you’ll get weekly discount deals. I used to hint to my husband that I wanted …