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At age 28, Joelle Caputa found herself suddenly jobless, divorcing, and rebuilding her life. She cried … and then she conquered. Now she’s telling it like it is with a little help from fellow twenty-something divorcées around the world.

Joelle set out on a mission to unite young divorcées and show them that the end of a marriage in their twenties is just the beginning of the lives they were meant to lead. By conducting interviews, moderating online support group discussions and hosting meet-ups, Joelle is reporting from the trenches and providing insight into this untapped and often misunderstood community.

Learn why young women got hitched and then ditched, about their daily struggles, and most importantly, how they’re celebrating their divorces. Follow along as participants trash their wedding dresses, get transformational tattoos, host divorce parties, check adventures off their bucket lists, reflect on lessons learned and even fall in love again.

Tapping into the professional expertise of participants, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20sspotlights top getaway destinations from a travel agent, healing advice from a therapist, steps for rocking the divorcée title from a lawyer, and meditative methods from a yogi.

Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20s has been featured on media outlets including Huffington Post, International Business Times, Maclean’s, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Globe and Mail It’s a must-read for not only young divorcées, but also all twenty-something women considering tying the knot.

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