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My baby’s crib is beautiful, but she won’t sleep in it!

I spent months searching for the perfect crib for my daughter and ended up falling in love with Heidi Klum’s Truly Scrumptious design just before it was about to be retired. My husband and I rushed to Buy Buy Baby as soon as we found out there were only three cribs left in stock. I was so excited that we got my dream crib. One feature that won me over was the curved front so I would easily be able to lean over and put Genevieve in for her naps. That has yet to happen, though. My six month old is still sleeping in bed with me. I’ve tried the bedside co-sleeper but that was no help. Here’s the problem: Genevieve can roll from her back to her stomach but not her stomach to her back. So as soon as she lands on her stomach, she wakes up and it’s game over. When she’s in bed with me (safely- no pillows or blankets in her reach), I can hold her near my side and keep her on her …

It’s a girl!

I knew it the whole time. Just needed official confirmation! Our family psychic told my mom it was a girl, the rosary bead and needle gender prediction tests said girl, my dreams kept saying “It’s a girl!,” my friends had dreams about baby girls and all my cravings pointed to a girl! The only thing that was wrong was the ancient Chinese gender chart. Of course we would have loved a boy just as equally, but I was made to be the mom to a little girl! Frank said she has to play sports too. I said she can do yoga! Just kidding, I am sure she will be daddy’s girl just like our dog, Lulu! Lucky is a mama’s boy. Lulu loves her dad. To celebrate, we got pink cupcakes, balloons and flowers. I’ll have to edit this post and add the pictures! As for names, we’ve pretty much had one picked out for a while. But we’re keeping our options open!