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Kitchen Chaos

Ever since we started feeding Genevieve chicken, our dogs have been circling her highchair like sharks. Her daddy is away on business, so I wanted to capture this moment for him last night. Baby G was in her highchair, with chicken and carrots in front of her. The dogs were next to her. Lulu, our plott hound (aka “pig hound,” because she eats everything!) actually jumped up on her highchair at one point, so that’s something we need to work on! Now that the scene is set, picture this: Sharks and baby. Mess in progress. I’m taking a picture with my cell phone. Genevieive decides to grab the carrots and fling the container backwards, leaving a mess all over her high chair and on the floor. As I run to get paper towels, Lulu jumps on the counter trying to eat the open chicken jar. When I got back to G, I hoped the dogs would lick up the carrots so I’d get a head start on cleaning the floor, but that didn’t happen. The lessons I …

Ditching the Diaper Bag… Kinda

This is the Peacock Mum Coop Carry-All Diaper Bag from 2 Red Hens.  I searched countless websites until I finally settled on this bag. I loved it because it was sturdy, got great reviews, looked feminine but still neutral enough for my husband to carry and I could fit everything I need inside. Now that our baby is here, my husband carries a daddy diaper backpack instead of using my bag. And I have decided that diaper bags filled to the brim with every essential on-the-go items are really bulky and annoying to carry. Especially when you have your own purse (though I’ve ditched that on occasion and simply threw what I needed into the diaper bag), a car seat and shopping cart/ high chair cover to lug around everywhere you go. So this beautiful diaper bag that I splurged on will now sit in my car when we’re on the move to hold emergency items. I plan on getting a big, comfy tote bag that will fit my personal items and a diaper, wipes, bottle and …

Back to blogging!

I had full intentions of blogging about my pregnancy. But then the symptoms started and I was nauseous and exhausted for the first five months. I felt a little better during my second trimester, but used that available energy to get the nursery ready. And by the time the third trimester came, I was scrambling to finish editing and publish my book. My water actually broke a few hours after I finished proofreading my manuscript.  Perfect timing, right? I gave birth to two dreams in 2014: my daughter and my book! Here I am with both. Now that I’ve settled into mommy life, I’m going to post my adventures moving forward and also backtrack some things I would liked to have documented along the way, like baby shower decor, etc. I also enlisted in some mommy friends to join me. You’re gonna love them!