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Breast Isn’t Always Best. Here’s Why I Quit Breastfeeding and Pumping

Last week, I went to get a bridesmaid dress I’ll be wearing fitted and the seamstress asked why it was big. I told her that I bought the dress right after I had a baby. As she was fitting the cups, she noted that I’m not breastfeeding. Not that she or anyone else has a right to ask that question, but she did. And it’s not the first time. When my daughter was about two months old, we attended a family engagement party. We met an older woman who, as I bottle-fed my baby, told us that her granddaughter was born the same week as my baby and had the same name, but this baby’s mother was breastfeeding. Good for her. I quit breastfeeding after four weeks. I have no regrets about it and I do not plan on breastfeeding any future children. I had every resource I needed within my reach and I still chose to quit. I tried it and it’s not for me, for multiple reasons: My baby wasn’t into it. At the hospital, I …

Fellow Mamas, We Salute You

Fellow moms: Here’s to every frizzy, gray hair, chipped nail, under-eye circle, unwashed dish… …To every set of booger-encrusted, milk-&-tear-stained, 4th-night-in-a-row-being-worn pajamas, shower not taken, unfinished book, hell – let’s be honest – unfinished everything… …To every pair of tired & worn-out yoga pants, lonely & unused flat-iron, cold cup of coffee, and interrupted cuddle (with someone other than your child)… …For every item on this list, and the innumerable unmentioned, there’s a tear dried, a boo-boo kissed, a story read, a hand held, a little mouth (or 2 or 3 or 4!) fed. There’s a little person who is becoming who they are because of your daily guidance, love & selflessness, and who drifts off to sleep knowing that their mama loves them, “from the bottom of her heart,” “to the moon and back,” or “thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much…” and that makes it all worth it. Happy Mother’s Day.


Everybody poops, right? Right, and that’s usually all there is to say about that. It happens and we don’t think much of it. That is, until you have a baby… Then, it’s a whole different ball game. Poop is suddenly very important. How many times a day does your tiny little person do it? What color is it? What’s the consistency? It’s even fodder for conversation amid your mommy group. If Timmy’s poop isn’t like Sarah’s, what’s wrong with Sarah? Or what’s wrong with little Timmy?! Oh wait, does Timmy drink formula or breast milk? If he drinks formula it may be different from Sarah’s and that’s ok, because her breast milk poop is different from formula-fed poop. The entire newborn stage is all about the poo, and how to keep it contained in the diapering apparatus, instead of running up baby backs and cascading down baby legs.  Have you ever been changing a newborn’s diaper at the exact moment that they happen to sneeze? That’s fun. Now it’s a question of how to get the poop …