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Pregnancy Craving: Waffle Crisp

Restraint: Buying only two boxes of Waffle Crisp cereal. I don’t know if it’s as much a pregnancy craving as the fact that it’s simply the best cereal ever. I don’t even really like waffles. But this is just necessary. It’s a favorite from my college days and I thought it got discontinued. Turns out I was just shopping at the wrong grocery stores! What’s up with that, Shop Rite?!

Things I Learned During my First Trimester of Pregnancy

Our first sonogram picture at 7 weeks! I always knew pregnancy was going to be rough for me. But there’s even more that I didn’t expect: Morning sickness is actually morning, noon and night 24/7 sickness. I felt nauseous non-stop for the entire first trimester. All day long. Sometimes I would throw up and feel better. Sometimes I would throw up seven times in a row and feel worse. That was fun. I’d do everything to try to keep nausea at bay, like taking my prenatal vitamin at night right before bed with food, snacking all night each time I woke up to keep food in my system, etc. Nothing worked! In fact, I’m into my second trimester and I still battle some nausea. There was one day that I felt like a human again. That was nice. I’m hoping for better days ahead now that I’m 18 weeks. The shower will make you throw up. Turns out the heat/ steam from the shower will make you throw up. Every morning is a constant battle …