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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party Theme

I went bold, gold and glittery for my daughter, Genevieve’s, first birthday party. We chose a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star theme and made sure it was evident in each party element. I added gold sparkle stars to the cake… …And also used the stars to accent the food. We kept centerpieces simple using adorable .99 cent vases from Ikea and adding baby’s breath, sprinkled in gold glitter. As as accent, we threw in hand-painted pink wooden stars that are now keepsakes. Photo collage made with images printed from Social Print Studio. I ordered this sign as a download on Etsy, then printed and framed on my own.My friend made a custom canvas guest book. For favors, kids got gold sparkly wands from Oriental Trading and adults were treated to chocolate-dipped pretzel rods adorned with–you guessed it– gold stars! We had a table of fun for the kids. I pulled together clip art from the Internet and made coloring book pages in Photoshop. Star props from Oriental Trading. I made custom 12-month banner using gold star twine and …

Pinterest-Inspired First Birthday Photoshoot Fail

I planned my daughter’s first birthday photo shoot months in advance. Everything was set, from her dress and props to the smash cake. I even made my husband plan his outfit so we could take family photos with our dogs. Then, the week of the photoshoot, my Baby G got a runny nose type of cold and a tooth decided to cut through her upper gums. She was cranky, but I didn’t want to reschedule, so I forged ahead with crossed fingers. Mistake number one: Attempting a photoshoot when baby is under the weather. Mistake number two: Not trying on her dress before the day of the pictures. I bought her a big frilly, pink tutu dress with cupcakes on it earlier in the summer. It was too big then, but I figured she would grow into it. Great plan, but it didn’t happen. My daughter is very tall and thin, so a lot of baby clothes for her age don’t fit well. I find that most clothes are made for chubby babies. This was the case with her …

I have a one year old!

I cannot believe my baby girl is one-year-old. The past year has been so amazing. I remember watching her eyelashes grow, wondering when her hair would follow suit. All the late night crying and cuddles at 2 a.m. Her first smile, her first laugh. When she started to recognize her mommy and daddy. How every milestone– rolling over, sitting up, eating solid food, first tooth– was so special, yet the next one came and reminded us how quickly she’s becoming a little person with  a ton of sass. I loved the baby stage, but life is becoming so much fun now that she is learning words and on the move. I can’t wait for all the toddler adventures! I haven’t slept a full night in over a year, but this little face is worth the dark circles under my eyes. I


My child turned one last week and has since: gotten two new teeth (poking through on the top next to her two front teeth) given up bottles and graduated to sippy cups ONLY switched to whole milk from formula The next thing I know, she is going to be pulling out of the driveway, in her own car, and NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT ME. Just having a mommy moment, AH! Look — she is already planning her escape from baby world to REAL LIFE on her doc-mobile.

First Birthday Party Planning

I remember the day my daughter was born like it was yesterday. Here I am, 11.5 months later, planning her 1st birthday party – I’m not even going to try and pretend like I don’t tear up every day thinking about how much she has changed in the last year, because I totally do. #noshame Anyways, with all of my tears, comes SO MUCH EXCITEMENT because we have decided to throw Briella a ballerina tu-tu birthday party (gold, pink and white color scheme)! I searched all over and finally found her the most beautiful birthday outfit: a white onesie with gold lettering that says “ONE,” a light pink tu-tu and a beautiful glitter and gold bow. She is going to look like such a princess! We are going to buy her a formal, fondant cake – I haven’t decided on the design yet, but of course it will be something ballerina/tu-tu related. =) Oh, AND – I am going to make her one of these cupcake dresses, too! If you haven’t guessed it yet, …