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Halloween Treat: Nutramigen

Moms of babies with formula allergies will appreciate this. We got a real treat last night when we met a family down the street from us. They have a girl a little younger than Genevieve and a boy a few months younger than Luca. We trick or treated together and found out their son has a milk allergy just like Luca. Luca is on Nutramigen, which costs hundreds of dollars a month and insurance doesn’t cover because it’s sold over the counter. (I can write a whole blog post about what we went through with that issue!) Their baby tried Nutramigen and it didn’t work, so he’s on something else even more expensive but their insurance covers. So they gave us six cans of Nutramigen! There are good people in the world. We’re paying it back and giving them clothes Luca outgrew. Score for us both. And we all get new friends. Happy Halloween, indeed!

Breast Isn’t Always Best. Here’s Why I Quit Breastfeeding and Pumping

Last week, I went to get a bridesmaid dress I’ll be wearing fitted and the seamstress asked why it was big. I told her that I bought the dress right after I had a baby. As she was fitting the cups, she noted that I’m not breastfeeding. Not that she or anyone else has a right to ask that question, but she did. And it’s not the first time. When my daughter was about two months old, we attended a family engagement party. We met an older woman who, as I bottle-fed my baby, told us that her granddaughter was born the same week as my baby and had the same name, but this baby’s mother was breastfeeding. Good for her. I quit breastfeeding after four weeks. I have no regrets about it and I do not plan on breastfeeding any future children. I had every resource I needed within my reach and I still chose to quit. I tried it and it’s not for me, for multiple reasons: My baby wasn’t into it. At the hospital, I …