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It’s a girl!

I knew it the whole time. Just needed official confirmation! Our family psychic told my mom it was a girl, the rosary bead and needle gender prediction tests said girl, my dreams kept saying “It’s a girl!,” my friends had dreams about baby girls and all my cravings pointed to a girl! The only thing that was wrong was the ancient Chinese gender chart. Of course we would have loved a boy just as equally, but I was made to be the mom to a little girl! Frank said she has to play sports too. I said she can do yoga! Just kidding, I am sure she will be daddy’s girl just like our dog, Lulu! Lucky is a mama’s boy. Lulu loves her dad. To celebrate, we got pink cupcakes, balloons and flowers. I’ll have to edit this post and add the pictures! As for names, we’ve pretty much had one picked out for a while. But we’re keeping our options open!

The Great Gender Reveal Debate

As soon as she found out I was pregnant, the first thing one of my cousins (a mother of three) said to me was, “Please don’t find out the sex. It’s the best surprise ever and gives you motivation to get through labor.” One of my clients at work, this time a father of four, told me the same thing. I believe them. But I’m not listening. But I must find out the gender of our baby before he or she is born! I actually did entertain the idea of waiting nine long months but Frank really wants to know. And I’ve done pretty much every gender prediction test out there. Frank calls it my “witchcraft.” I call it being an excited future mom. I’ve looked up my Chinese gender prediction, conducted the rosary bead test, had a friend do the needle test, asked my doctor to take an educated guess based on fetal heart rate and Googled every craving I have to see which sex it leans towards. And my friend is making me …