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Care Bear Family Halloween Costumes

Our family dressed as Care Bears for Halloween. It was adorable and warm, which is important for NJ in October. It started with Grumpy Bear. I saw the onesie for my husband and had to get it cause he actually likes to dress up and our daughter loves Grumpy Bear. Like a good dad, he did it for her. Except the costume was too small so he had to squeeze into it! Opps! Hahah Then I got Genevieve Wonderheart and I wanted the baby and G to have a theme, so this became a family affair! Luca was Bedtime Bear and I was Cheer Bear. I had to hunt for the costumes and buy them months ahead online for the kids. The adult costumes came from Wal-Mart and Target and were much cheaper. But it was well worth it! How cute are we?!

Halloween Treat: Nutramigen

Moms of babies with formula allergies will appreciate this. We got a real treat last night when we met a family down the street from us. They have a girl a little younger than Genevieve and a boy a few months younger than Luca. We trick or treated together and found out their son has a milk allergy just like Luca. Luca is on Nutramigen, which costs hundreds of dollars a month and insurance doesn’t cover because it’s sold over the counter. (I can write a whole blog post about what we went through with that issue!) Their baby tried Nutramigen and it didn’t work, so he’s on something else even more expensive but their insurance covers. So they gave us six cans of Nutramigen! There are good people in the world. We’re paying it back and giving them clothes Luca outgrew. Score for us both. And we all get new friends. Happy Halloween, indeed!

We’re All Mad Here: Halloween Tea Party Tips Inspired by Sage Goldnik

Full disclosure: I’m a full-time publicist and Good Earth Tea is my client. I’m pitching these Halloween Mad Hatter Tea Party tips inspired by Sage Goldnik to other bloggers and thought I should share with my audience as well, since it’s so fun and I wrote them!  Photos from Sage Goldnik’s Instagram ( You might be too old for trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, but in Wonderland, it’s never too late to celebrate the date. This Halloween, host a Mad Hatter-themed tea party filled with fun, fantasy and flavor. Here’s how: We’re All Mad Here: Halloween Tea Party Planning Tips Invitation: As the Cheshire Cat says, “Every adventure requires a first step.” Choose a paper invitation shaped as a playing card, teapot or teacup. Use Alice in Wonderland-inspired phrases like, “Don’t be late for a very important date.” Food: Present indulgent finger foods such as mini sandwiches, cupcakes, frosted pumpkin cookies, petit fours and macaroons on white-tiered dessert stands. Insert toothpick flags with the wording, “Eat Me,” into a few of the treats. Beverage: Brew Good …

Expert Advice: Doctor’s Tips to Make Halloween Healthier for You and Your Children

I’m happy to share this expert guest column from Dr. Mayrene Hernandez. Halloween can be scary. Ghosts, ghouls and goblins abound, but the most frightening part of Halloween might be how many calories our children bring home in their trick-or-treat bags. The candy in an average trick-or-treat bag can contain as much as 7,000 calories* and all that candy can lead to tooth decay and a lot of extra pounds for the entire family. Dr. Mayrene Hernandez of UnitedHealthcare ( has a few ideas so health-conscious parents can avoid ruining one of the most kid-friendly celebrations of the year? Instead of candy, opt for healthier or non-food alternatives. Candy is fun, but healthy food can be as well. Making small oranges, popcorn balls or fruit cups with pumpkin faces drawn on them can encourage healthier eating while still getting into the Halloween spirit. Give trick-or-treaters dried fruit, fruit leathers, crackers or trail mix. Trick or Toys? Or, if you want to avoid giving out candy or snack foods altogether, give small toys, stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, Halloween erasers …