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Experts Argue Against Cry It Out

I personally don’t believe in the “cry it out” technique to get babies to sleep at night. If a baby is crying it’s because they want comforting. And as a mom, it’s my job to do that, even if it means I won’t sleep for a few years. I made it through with my daughter and she eventually started sleeping through the night when she turned three (I KNOW, I KNOW). I’m pulling all-nighters with our 9 month-old son and doctors are telling us it’s time to sleep train. My husband agrees because he, of course, wants to get a full night’s sleep. But I disagree. And so do these doctors.  Read this article published on, “Cry It Out – 6 Educated Professionals Who Advise Against It.”    

Expert Advice: Fool-Proof Sleep Tips for Traveling with Kids this Holiday Season

    I’m happy to share the expert guest post below from Denise Stern, Founder of Let Mommy Sleep , just in time for the holiday season! Just last Thanksgiving, 48.7 million Americans traveled over 50 miles or more and we can expect much more of the same this year. For those traveling with a newborn, infant or toddler, we know how stressful travel can be, especially when it comes to nap schedules. However, for your peace of mind, Denise Stern, founder of Let Mommy Sleep, the country’s leading Baby Nurse and Postpartum Care service, is revealing a few fool-proof tips as you prepare your baby for travel during the holidays. Fool Proof Sleep Tips for Traveling this Holiday Season with a Newborn, Infant or Toddler, which includes: Practice at home! Many times babies are not used to sleeping in a travel bed or pack-n-play.Put baby in travel bed or pack-n-play for naptime at home in weeks leading up to the trip. Keep sleep routine as close to home as possible to help baby feel safe and secure.  If weather …

Halloween Treat: Nutramigen

Moms of babies with formula allergies will appreciate this. We got a real treat last night when we met a family down the street from us. They have a girl a little younger than Genevieve and a boy a few months younger than Luca. We trick or treated together and found out their son has a milk allergy just like Luca. Luca is on Nutramigen, which costs hundreds of dollars a month and insurance doesn’t cover because it’s sold over the counter. (I can write a whole blog post about what we went through with that issue!) Their baby tried Nutramigen and it didn’t work, so he’s on something else even more expensive but their insurance covers. So they gave us six cans of Nutramigen! There are good people in the world. We’re paying it back and giving them clothes Luca outgrew. Score for us both. And we all get new friends. Happy Halloween, indeed!

5 Downsides to Co-sleeping with your Baby

There are many reasons mothers choose to bed share with their babies. Some do so because it makes middle of the night breastfeeding easier, others because their little one won’t sleep in his/her crib. Working mommies may choose to co-sleep because it’s the only quality cuddle time they get with their kid during the week. And let’s face it; a huge reason mothers co-sleep with their babies is because it lets everyone get more sleep. However, that’s not always the case. There are downsides to co-sleeping that you need to know about if you’re considering sharing your bed with your baby:  Fears are going to keep you up all night. Are you going to crush your baby? Is the baby going to squirm under the covers and suffocate? When your baby is old enough to crawl, is he/she going to wake up in the middle of the night while you’re sound asleep and fall off the bed? It’s a pain, literally. Spooning with your baby is sweet. But when you’re stuck on the same side …