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New Vaseline on the Block

I don’t drink, but I was attracted to Vaseline’s new Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy. I’m obsessed with trying all the brand’s new flavors. This one smells delightful but lacks in the actual care for dry lips. It’s not as gooey as regular Vaseline, so I find that it doesn’t penetrate the lips as well and comes off quickly. But don’t let this deter you from making a purchase– your man just might love kissing you with this seal on! If I ever get personal time with my husband again, I’ll let you know. (Wink) Verdict: Skip it for dry lip care, break it out for a smooch session.

Easy Beauty Products for Working Moms on the Go

As a working mom, I don’t have a lot of time to pamper myself. I like products that are easy and quick to apply, like mineral foundation. Here are two of my favorites that I’ve been using this week: Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm.  I have two shades. This one is Berry Blush. It’s vibrant but not messy. No lip liner needed to apply. The color stays on pretty good. It’s just that pop I need for a day in the office or an afternoon out and about with the family. Make a statement without being overly dramatic with this shade. Please note that I took this photo in front of Rolling Stone magazine featuring Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley because we can all enjoy a little eye and ear candy! I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish because I can paint my nails during my lunch break. I choose neutral shades most of the time because I like the clean, fresh look and I can get away with chipped polish a little bit if I …