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My Rainbow Baby

October 15th is a day to acknowledge the loss of a pregnancy, but near this time, I choose to instead celebrate my rainbow baby, who brought sunshine after those dark days. Here’s my little Luca. He’s already 5 months old! My husband was obsessed with the name Luca for a boy. When I found out the name means “bringer of light,” I knew there wasn’t a better name!

Lucky’s gifts

Lucky and Genevieve were inseparable since the day I brought her home from the hospital. We suddenly had to say goodbye to him last summer. It was awful. Genevieve still asks about him every day and says she misses him. It’s hard to explain to a toddler. So I tell her he’s visiting another dog, my old husky, Skye. And every time a rainbow comes, I tell her Lucky sent it. It’s a nice way to honor him. And it’s true. The night we met our newest shelter dog, Gracey, it was raining. I rescued Lucky during a thunderstorm. On the way home, a rainbow came out. It was a sign we had to go back the next day and officially adopt Gracey. We did. Princess Gracey the Destroyer never leaves our side. I tell G that Lucky sent her to us. He also brought us Luca, I’m convinced. Luca is my rainbow baby. And his due date was Lucky’s adoption anniversary. I passed a store while driving the other day and on the window …