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Potty training tips

As soon as G turned three, I laid down the law with potty training. She has been terrified of the potty! I think the flushing noise from public restrooms when she is out with me did it. But we finally got her excited about it and were able to ditch diapers. Here are my top tips for potty training: 1. Wait until your toddler is ready. 2. Make it fun. Let them mark down each time they go on a chalkboard. 3. Offer candy as a reward each time they go. 4. If they go all day, make a big deal and bring home a toy. 5. Buy lots of cute panties with their favorite characters to excite them. 6. Start with a kid potty instead of a seat that goes into a big toilet. Less scary. 7. Let them sit on the little potty while watching TV. They will go and not even know it! 8. Use pull-ups at bedtime for accidents. 9. Show lots of praise and excitement each time they go. 10. …

Back to Blogging

I spend a lot of my time as a 9-5 publicist pitching mommy bloggers lately. It’s given me the urge to get back to my own blog and spend a little time doing something for myself (which I never do) and indulge in something I love: writing! Granted, I will be doing most of it from my phone on my lunch break, but that’s OK! Here I am, two years after I started this site. My nails aren’t chipped because I don’t even paint them anymore! Hello, life with a toddler and an infant! Can’t wait to share more updates, tell you what products I love and maybe even bring you interviews with some pretty awesome people. Welcome to my world, again!