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I spend a lot of my time as a 9-5 publicist pitching mommy bloggers lately. It’s given me the urge to get back to my own blog and spend a little time doing something for myself (which I never do) and indulge in something I love: writing! Granted, I will be doing most of it from my phone on my lunch break, but that’s OK! Here I am, two years after I started this site. My nails aren’t chipped because I don’t even paint them anymore! Hello, life with a toddler and an infant! Can’t wait to share more updates, tell you what products I love and maybe even bring you interviews with some pretty awesome people. Welcome to my world, again! Advertisements

Working Mommy Guilt

I have serious working mom guilt and feel like I’m not spending quality time with our baby. I usually work from home three days a week, but lately I have to be in the office three days a week, so I’m only home with Genevieve¬†two days. I know, I’m fortunate enough to even be home those days, but it’s a big change. Our weekends are getting super hectic. When you have things to do, people to see, events to attend, etc. you’re not getting that important one-on-one playtime with your baby. She’s just coming along for the adventures and having fun. We’re super lucky that she is so well-behaved at restaurants and is friendly with new people. However, at parties, etc. friends and family¬†want to see her. And there goes the mommy time I so yearn for all week long with my social butterfly. When I get home at night from work, Baby G is ready for dinner, her bath and a bottle. She sometimes gets cranky and just wants to cuddle, which of course …