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Baby Girl Shower Theme: You Are My Sunshine

I planned my baby shower because I’m obsessed with party details. Although I knew I was having a girl, I wanted to keep the baby shower a little gender neutral to avoid pink overload. I chose “You are my sunshine” as the theme because it reminded me of my childhood. The cake was my favorite part of the the decor. It really set the scene and the cannoli creme filling was delicious. I searched far and wide for the perfect dress and scored mine from Asos Maternity. The menu was full of finger food for the health nuts and food junkies among us. The deconstructed BLTs in mini Mason jars were a big hit! For favors, we made tiny pin cushions from jars and filled them with jelly beans. It was hard work, but the result was worth it. Part of the decor included square photos strung for guests to view. They were pictures during my pregnancy and my husband and myself as babies. Here’s the day in snap shots to hopefully inspire your shower!